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2 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

CUTENESS ALERT! Meet Mac, one of ChikaDee's darling baby boys. ChikaDee was rescued when she was hugely pregnant by our friends in Kansas. She almost died after giving birth and was sent to a foster home where kind, caring people helped her and her babies pull through. Maccy came to HUA a few days after birth with his mommy and brother. He has grown into a fine young man who has a certain affinity for FOOD. Mac really, really likes food. When his nose is not in the bowl, he is in chase of fun. He is outgoing and friendly and all the things a puppy should be. We had a tough time figuring out what breed ChikaDee and her pups were. One of our ambitious volunteers did some research and discovered they are Dorkies! An unfortunate moniker but an adorable mix! Mac, so far, is looking more dachshund with a flair of yorkie at the muzzle. Mouse is looking more yorkie but we still can't figure out what his ears are doing. It's anyone's guess right now. Mac is just about ready to leave the nest, so we are now accepting applications. We hope the load doesn't crash our website.
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