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Doberman Mix
42 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Workers and volunteers looking at these photos for the first time will not recognize this dog. Upon closer inspection, they will realize that it is Maybelle, but something is certainly missing. Normally, May would be carrying a toy, any toy, sometimes two, three if she could fit them. She is a toy diva. She loves them so much that she is often seen snoozing with one still resting gently in her mouth. We think she is a riot and we always take time to stop what we are doing for a bit to engage in a good game of fetch or to let her show us some of her amazing tricks. Maybelle was happy in a home until her parents had a human baby, and they decided they no longer had enough time to devote to her. She learned nice manners while she was there, including how to share, and is desperately hopeful that she will be able to show them off to her forever family. She has made a request that her people please take her to the store on the way home so that she can pick out a few new toys to bring with her. We told her that shouldn't be a problem, and that we'd make sure to put it out there that Maybelle likes toys. A lot.
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