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Mighty Whitie

6 lbs
Mighty Whitie
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Dallas, TX,

Mighty was given up by a breeder in South Dakota who was going out of business. She took care of her dogs better than the typical breeder. She knew them all individually and they have clearly not been abused or neglected. They were all bathed and groomed regularly and had medical care. Mighty lost one tooth, which was all he had left. He is the oldest in the group. He is so very lovable and friendly. He adores people and loves running around in the big grass yards at HUA. He makes the most of every day and we hope that a special person finds him and gives him him a great home soon. He is all smiles, tail wags and joy. We can't imagine how happy he would be to have a home and people of his very own.
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