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6 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Arvada, CO!

We received an urgent plea for help one day from a Boston Terrier rescue group. When they went to a puppy mill to pick up some Bostons the miller had his gun out and was grabbing Millie by the scruff of the neck. When the rescuer asked what he intended to do he said he was going to shoot her right then and there. Apparently Millie decided that she was no longer going to take his abuse and had been biting him, and that was going to spell the end for her. The Boston Terrier rescuer implored him to please let her have Millie. Quite fortunately he agreed. She knew that HUA would take Millie and show her that life can be good. Millie must have suffered some very horrible abuse because when people approach the look in her eyes is pure fear. Due to many years of neglect and poor nutrition she lost 16 teeth at her first vet visit. Millie is one mill dog who has responded to her situation with anger and will still sometimes bite, however now it is all gums, and she backs down very fearful after having done it. Although the people haven't quite won her over yet Millie does love her new life at HUA. She enjoys her big space to live in with her good soft food and warm blankets. She loves her roommates and adores spending time with her Maltese friend Pansy. We will continue to try to reach Millie's broken heart and show her that people can be good and that she can know love in her life.
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