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5 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Dallas, TX.

Well, we have fallen head over heels in love all over again. Mortimer pitter-pattered into our lives after being rescued from a puppy mill after almost 10 years. He is a tiny, dancing character who has become the biggest flirt around. He REALLY lays on the charm and the volunteers and staff alike cannot resist him for even a second. When he arrived, the poor little guy's teeth were so utterly disgusting that we could not believe he even wanted to eat. They were caked together with such awful plaque and filth that they looked like one big rotting tooth. We were amazed that the vet only had to remove 11, but he got a good scrubbing on the rest of them and his smile is now dazzling. Mortimer lays it on with everyone he meets. Once in a while, he remembers to put on a bit of a pity party, and will turn stiff and giant eyed when he is picked up. He can't keep up the show for long, however, as he is just too happy to be in our arms. We are aware that Mortimer is a little older than most people are looking for in a new addition, but we can assure you that he will bring everlasting joy and delight to your lives.
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