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67 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

A call came in to HUA in December 2012 about an emaciated white Boxer who was part of an abuse/neglect trial and had just been given the go ahead to be released to rescue after a plea deal was reached. The pound he was being held in was in a small town and they didn’t have indoor facilities for the dogs. HUA agreed to take him in so that he didn’t have to spend one more night in the cold outdoor pound facility. Our hearts broke when we saw the pictures and thought of him spending the previous night out in the blizzard all alone. If only this news would have come one day sooner, but thank goodness he was still alive.

John, who has worked at HUA for 10 years, said that he has never witnessed a dog in this bad of condition who was still alive. When the boxer arrived he was weak, but his tail wagged with gratitude. He was skin and bones and had sores from severe parasite infestation. Scars were found on his neck and front legs, where we think he was bound with rope, possibly used as a bait dog or being trained to fight. We named him Noah, which means peace, comfort and rest.

Our precious boy has gained over 20 pounds since his rescue. He is the love of our lives. He spends his days in the lobby so that he can meet and greet everyone who steps through the door. We cannot understand why he adores people the way he does, it just makes no sense at all given his beginnings, but he DOES. He never wants to be without people, so much so that he will gently crawl into our laps to make sure we can't go anywhere. We know we should probably teach Noah that he is not a lap dog, but we just can't say no to that adorable face and pleading eyes.

Noah takes his work at the shelter seriously and stays very busy "helping" around the place. Although not a big fan of cats or some larger dogs, he is currently happily assisting us with raising some unruly puppies by allowing them to bounce all over him and shower his face in kisses. He is so gentle and well-behaved that we have no problem trusting him to babysit the youngsters. He is a sensitive soul who listens intently to what people say, trying to figure out what we want from him and he will do anything to please us. He is wonderful with children and has such a light about him that we honestly think he is nothing short of a miracle.

We are ready to let Noah find his place in the world now. Although he is just the best boy ever and we will miss him so very much, it is time for him to find his forever home. He will always be our cherished celebrity, and we know that he will forever change the lives of his family, just as he has done for us.
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