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be my buddy
Born: 07/22/2005
28 lbs

Our Norbert is a happy little goofball who tends to give us the giggles more often than not. He is playful, funny and adorable. To his credit, however, he does have a serious side and is often found contemplating the meaning of life. His eyes are wise and his soul is deep. Norbert saw bad things - his family was displaced due to the Iowa floods and this worried him. He is happy to be at the shelter but we know he belongs with a family and longs to be in a home once again. He is quite a laid back fellow and it's obvious to us that he is thinking about a sofa at home with a football game on the TV, a cheese and pepperoni tray at hand, and a nice, warm bed to curl up in when the day is done.
Buddy Messages (3)
His Buddies, Lin and Bob Meehan, from Vienna, VA, sent him this message: "Norbert, being a goofball is part of your beagle charm. We love our rescue beagle Buddy who is all goofball and very lovable. Hope this year you find your forever home but enjoy yourself at HUA while you wait." Norbert sends Buddy many happy puppy kisses, and sends Lin and Bob many goofy people kisses and happy tail wags!
His Buddy, Renee Sullivan, from North Platte, Nebraska, sent him this message: "You are loved so much!" Norbert sends Renee many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.
His Buddies, Bob and Lin Meehan, from Vienna, Virginia, sent him this message: "Ya gotta love beagles. You are very good looking and someone will make themselves very happy by giving you your very own home. Our rescue Beagle Buddy and rescue Foxhound Asia say Hi. Bob and Lin Meehan, Vienna VA" Norbert sends Bob, Lin, Buddy and Asia many happy, grateful beagle boy hugs and kisses.

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Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Hearts United for Animals does long distance adoptions if there are safe flights and we have volunteers in the area to do a home visit. We require an application, references and a home visit to adopt one of our dogs. Our dogs are all spayed or neutered and are current on health care. We can cat test a dog if requested. If you are interested in adopting a dog, we can give you more information on each dog if you click the Adoption Info & Application link above. Buddies are people who support the dog and send them love while they are waiting for their new home. The dog does not live with the buddy.