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3 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Norm and Lynnnie came from a breeder in Nebraska who went out of business. They are so happy to be free and safe. Norm and Lynnie romped around playing and having a blast on their ride to HUA. They then settled in for a nap as they often do with Norm resting his head on Lynnie's neck. Norm is quite a character. He loves to have his little puppy belly rubbed and has no shame about rolling over to ask. He is the more outgoing of the siblings. Norm is more of a clown and Lynnie is more the sweet, reserved type. They do not need to be placed together. They both adore people and will be so happy to have a person to call their very own. Norm and Lynnie were named after the parents of the volunteer who rescued them. It was human Norm and Lynnie's anniversary and we thought what a great way to celebrate! For puppy Norm and Lynnie life is all a big party now. They enjoy every single day...they romp and play, nap, eat with gusto and love with all their adorable little hearts.
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