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Italian Greyhound
7 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Par was found on a golf course in Wyoming along with Birdie. They were cold, afraid, hungry and alone. Local animal control rescued them and arranged for their transport to HUA where they could be nursed back to health. It is thought that perhaps a local puppy miller dumped these dogs once they were no longer useful. Par is a bit more fearful than Birdie. He hasn't come to trust the humans yet. There is no doubt this dog has seen some very, very dark days at the hands of humans. He is shy, but with the people he sees each and every day there is starting to be a spark of curiosity about him. He is still very reserved. He is grateful, but he just can't believe the good things in life are really for him. It will take a very gentle, quiet, patient home to bring him around and help him know that kindness and love can be his always and that he does not need to be afraid. Par is a male Italian Greyhound mix. He was born in 2000 and weighs 7 pounds. UPDATE: One of our volunteers has worked extensively with Par and he has now come around to be a confident, loving, happy boy! He loves to spend time with people and his tail wags non-stop.
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