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Paris Featured

11 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Several years ago we rescued 51 Dachshunds from a puppy mill in Rockport, Missouri. It was truly one of the worst situations we have ever seen. The dogs were housed in run-down chicken coops with light bulbs hanging over the pens as a heat source. Many, many of the dogs were sick and some were pregnant. It was a rescue that we will never forget. The miller was left with 4 dogs that she refused to give up. Recently, she became ill and was forced to hand over the remaining four dogs to HUA. These little girls were in a little better shape as they lived inside the home. They were not feral, but one of them had been severely neglected: Paris. When she arrived, Paris had mammary tumors so huge that they almost touched the ground. She is complelely blind. She had probably never seen the vet, but was bred for years because of her dapple coat. Paris does not want your pity, however. She is the most capable, sweetest, bravest girl in the all the land. She gets around so well that sometimes we'd swear she could see like a hawk. She has no idea she is different other than being entirely fantastic. Her mammary tumors were removed and although her prognosis is good, her family will want to monitor her as recommended by the vet. Paris enjoys such hobbies as hugging, kissing and strolling through the meadows.
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