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8 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Aurora, Colorado.

Darling Petra Poodle and her sister, Nettie, were destined to live horrific lives, trapped in tiny cages on filthy wires while being bred as often as possible until their tiny bodies gave out. But Fate intervened and the puppy mill they were born into could not generate enough income to stay in business and was forced to go to auction. Petra and Nettie were NOT, thank goodness, sold to another miller that would have continued the chain of abuse. Instead they were rescued by people who knew that HUA would take them in and enfold them into an environment the likes of which they may never have known. The girls now know warmth, health, comfort and most importantly, love.

Petra is the most agreeable of all creatures. She jumps into our laps like she knows that's where she has always belonged. She sits nicely when asked and lets us do all things necessary, such as weighing or grooming or brushing her teeth. Anything we want, Petra does. She is the typical sweet, obedient poodle and loves to show off her prissy ways. She is showing some ominous signs of a possible clothing obsession, so please be aware that adopting Petra may also mean acquiring an extensive wardrobe consisting mostly of frilly pink stuff.
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