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Poodle mix
4 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Pigmy came from a puppy mill in Missouri along with 11 other dogs who were transported to freedom. She had such a bad haircut and was holding up one leg, unable to use it. Pigmy has adored people from the minute she arrived. She is such a loving girl. She especially likes to be held and sit on people's laps. She gets such a big smile on her face when she is receiving love and attention. She has such funny, expressive reactions that we just can't get enough of her. Pigmy can now walk on her leg. She is doing so much better now that she isn't cramped in a cage and has the ability to exercise. It is tragic that this exceptionally special little girl suffered for 5 years in a Missouri puppy mill, but we are so glad that we have the chance to know her, love her, and help find her a wonderful home where she will be loved and adored forever...just as she always should have been.
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