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10 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

We honestly do think he is the cutest bug on Earth. OK, so he has no teeth. But we think his crooked little lips are charming. He's a tad bow-legged. Equally endearing. His perfectly round brown eyes and floppy, weather-worn ears melt our hearts. Our Pongo is a super special guy. His life has been so bad and so sad and yet still he loves us very much and is eternally grateful to be in our care. Pongo lived for many years outside, tied to a chain. Sometimes he was thrown some food, but more often than not the feral cats in the run-down area stole it from him before he could even get a mouthful. This dear, sweet boy was so relieved to be rescued that he's never had a single bad word for us. He is pure love and devotion. Pongo wonders what it's like to live with a family that lets him sleep indoors. He wonders what it's like to have a family feed him when he is hungry and shoo away any siblings that want to steal from him. He loves his bed at HUA and wonders if a new family would give him one as well. Please adopt Pongo. He will never let you forget that you saved the rest of his life.
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