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Presto (and Dory)

9 lbs
Presto (and Dory)
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Homeward bound-adopted!!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Presto was born in a puppy mill. When he came to HUA, he was shivering with such intense fear that wondered if he would ever be able to recover emotionally. He scampered away from us at every chance and could not bring himself to bond with a human. After very intensive interaction with volunteers and workers, Presto would allow us to hold him, but he was unable to relax and enjoy our touch. He just could not bring himself to feel trust and joy in the arms of people, and it was a heartbreaking site to behold.


She, too, was born in a mill. She, too, arrived shuddering with fear and distrust. We could tell she very much wanted to become a part of the shelter festivities but it was seemingly impossible for her to relax around us. Just as with Presto, we tried and tried to convince her that we were kind and good and gentle. But Dory just wasn't buying it. Then one day, Dory was taken out for recess by a volunteer who wanted to show her what fun this place could be. There, across the room, was Presto. He was sitting near his favorite volunteer, our FABULOUS and MAGICAL "poodle person," allowing her to occasionally scratch his ears just to make her happy. The moment they spotted each other, Dory and Presto fell head over heels in love. We are pretty sure that we saw cartoon hearts hovering over their heads as they made their way to one another. Since that moment, they have been inseparable.

These two sad and broken poodles have healed themselves through the devotion they feel for each other. Better still, they had a long, intense discussion about these people they now see day and night and together they made the very scary decision to go out on a limb and let us love them. They are, miraculously, two completely different dogs. We are now allowed to scoop them up for cuddles and they actually LIKE it. They run to us (joined at the hip, of course) for affection and attention. They bounce and play like puppies. It is the most beautiful thing in all the world.

If we haven't made it painfully clear, we are certain, beyond any doubt, that Dory and Presto must be adopted together. We understand that this may give them less of a chance at finding a home. But because we bear witness to the power of their connection, we know that living out their lives at the shelter together is a better alternative to being apart for even a minute. We do so hope there is a family for them, but we have promised them that they will always have all of us as family and that they can always stay together, to give each other comfort, support, companionship and courage.
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