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Yorkie Mix
5 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Puff got his moniker after a naming contest on our Facebook page. Many, many wonderful entries were received, but once "Puff" was mentioned, we knew that was the perfect fit. He responded to his new name right away and he thinks it is just so cool to be famous! Puff was brought to the pound in a small town in Nebraska. We still can't believe nobody was looking for him, as a more loving, sillier, most adorable creature is not to be found. Puff is the life of the party. He is the cuddliest lap dog ever. He wants nothing more than to be with people and charm them into carrying him about. Once he finds another little dog to play with, he is in 7th Heaven. We were not going to mention how he climbs into the refrigerator every time the door is opened, or hops into cupboard drawers, or wiggles between our feet when we are trying work, or pounces on our laps the second we sit down. We weren't sure these things would work in his favor. However, Puff INSISTED that we list these achievements as it is important to him that people know how smart and witty he is. So, there you have it. That's Puff in a nutshell: a soft, fuzzy, achingly cute, hilarious, tiny, clever, cunning, brilliant little bundle of joy.
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