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8 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Kearney, Nebraska.

Quesadilla spent her young life in a puppy mill in Misssouri so full of stench and filth that even those of us experienced in rescue were overwhelmed by the condiditons. At not quite two years of age, this tiny dog was almost comatose with fear. We thought right away that this may be one of those severe cases that just about break our hearts. Quesadilla was so frightened that we thought maybe she'd never be able to recover. We could not get near her. She hovered at the very back of her pen, either shivering with fright or stiff with it. Slowly, very slowly, we began the rehabilitation process with her, speaking soothingly for hours on end. Reaching in to touch her very softly, all the while assuring her how good she is and how pretty she is. Quesadilla, unbelievably, started to show signs of trust. Her ears perked up when we approached her. Her head tilted this way and that so she could hear our words better. She began to maintain eye contact. We were thrilled to pieces. We knew we were reaching this little beauty and we knew happiness was just around the corner. Today, Quesadilla is bright little star. She will never be a happy-go-lucky girl - she remembers too much. But she loves us and we love her and we think her progress is nothing short of a miracle.
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