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be my buddy
Bichon Frise
Born: 03/27/1999
9 lbs

Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Berthoud, CO.

Beware to have your heart broken by the "before" pictures of our precious Renella. On a winter day a few months ago, a puppy miller from Nebraska screeched up to the front door of the shelter. She got out of the car, slammed the door and walked to the back of the car. As we watched in horror, the miller yanked out a terribly frightened and horribly filthy white dog, with matts literally hanging off of her. Immediately, we gently removed this terrified girl from the miller's hands and brought her in from the cold. We wrapped her in blankets and gave her some warm food. We trimmed off whatever matts we could without traumatizing her any further. And then we let her rest. Here's the kicker - Renella ADORES people. How can this be? We have no idea, but she does. She also loves her room-mates and has the best time playing with them. Renella doesn't just allow us to cuddle up to her, she asks us to. And as you can see, she is absolutely beautiful. It will be a lucky person who gets to care for our Renella in her forever home. A person that will be blessed forever by this sweet soul.
Buddy Messages (2)
Her Buddy, Jennifer McDaniel, from Thornton, Colorado, sent her this message: "What a beautiful, sweet girl, with a pure and loving heart! What a wonderful world this would be if more people had the tender and forgiving nature that you possess. It is unconscionable that anyone would mistreat and neglect you. Anyone who can mistreat another living creature that way is heartless and cruel. But don't you worry Sweetheart - all of that pain and heartache is in the past! You're in good hands now, with people who will make sure you receive the treatment you deserve. Soon you'll be on your way to a loving home! I am thrilled that you are in the care of the folks at HUA now, and I am delighted to be your buddy. Jennifer" Renella sends Jennifer many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.
Her Buddy, Ann Tyler, from Lincoln, Nebraska, sent her this message: Renella, you are so much like my dear Emily, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this August. I know you’ll find your forever home quickly, because you’re irresistible, but until then, you are my joy to be buddies with. May you find the love and devotion you deserve. – Emily’s Mom, Ann" Renella sends Ann many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.

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Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Hearts United for Animals does long distance adoptions if there are safe flights and we have volunteers in the area to do a home visit. We require an application, references and a home visit to adopt one of our dogs. Our dogs are all spayed or neutered and are current on health care. We can cat test a dog if requested. If you are interested in adopting a dog, we can give you more information on each dog if you click the Adoption Info & Application link above. Buddies are people who support the dog and send them love while they are waiting for their new home. The dog does not live with the buddy.