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HUA - Omaha, NE


be my buddy
Mastiff mix
Born: 12/31/2008
103 lbs

Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Rodman lived at a farm along with another dog. The farm was foreclosed on and the people moved, abandoning their dogs. Days went by and Rodman and his friend didn't leave. They waited patiently knowing that their people would come back. They ran to the end of the lane with the sound of every passing car just knowing that it would be their family. Within a few days neighbors realized what happened and brought Rodman and his friend to HUA. Rodman is still sad because he was abandoned. He just can't believe that his people would do that to him. He is a big, sweet, lovable teddy bear with such a tender heart. He loves all people. He is afraid he will be left again and likes to stick very close. He gently touches his body to our legs so he knows we are there. He looks to humans for comfort. He reminds us of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. We coax him from room to room saying "come on sweetie pie, it's ok, you can do it, don't be scared"...then once he is in the room and sees we are with him and nothing bad happened he is not afraid. When he hears the other dogs bark it scares him a little and he looks to us for help, backs up and sits on our feet letting us know that we need to protect him...even though by far he is the biggest dog in the place. In his defense there are 100 other dogs nearby and it is loud and scary to new comers. He did have a great time on his picture taking adventure. He seemed to know what the collar and leash meant and was happy to get to go out. He did his business outside like a good boy and had fun exploring. He was very polite, good on the leash and seemed to know sit and stay. Rodman is the gentlest of giants who is suffering from a broken heart. He would dearly love to be with people who will reassure him and keep him safe forever. He will give you his whole big heart in return and be your best friend for life. We have never known a dog as loyal and sweet as dear Rodman.
Buddy Messages (1)
His Buddy, Cheri Marti, from Lincoln, Nebraska, sent him this message: "Please tell Rodman that I'm so happy my darlin' of a man, Jeff, is helping us be buddies for a New Years present! His story touched my heart & I know that this bad experience will allow Rodman to find the loving people who deserve this Big Sweetie! Sending my love til then! XoXoX ~Cheri~" Rodman sends Cheri many happy, grateful big boy kisses and hugs.

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