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Chocolate Lab
Born: 01/29/2012
60 lbs

Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

A call came in from Nyla, a good friend of Hearts United for Animals, and volunteer for Nebraska Dachshund Rescue. She was very upset because she had encountered a family selling very sick puppies in the parking lot of a store in Omaha. She begged them to turn the puppies over to her so she could get them help, but they would not. She got their information and called HUA to see what could be done. After a couple of days passed the people agreed to give up two of the puppies. They came to HUA and Justin, a cute little red fellow, fell very ill with parvo. He was rushed to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Omaha on a Friday night. Soon after his arrival a call came in that a little pup who looked just like Justin had arrived at the Emergency Clinic with instructions to euthanize. The clinic called us and asked if we would take over her care as they felt she could be saved. We said yes, absolutely. We then found out that she was rescued by a local group who could not afford her care and that she was in fact Justin's sister. They had one more boy who was also falling ill with parvo. We agreed to take over his care and they brought him to the Emergency Clinic immediately. While Justin, Selena and Jonah were being cared for Nyla and the other group were working to save two more. The same family had been keeping a total of six puppies in their bathtub. We had all but two of them, chocolate labs from another litter. We convinced the family that since the others were ill the labs would soon be ill as well. They agreed to give them up and met an HUA volunteer to hand them over. They were lethargic and bleeding and were rushed right to the Emergency Clinic to be with the others. As Sheldon and Spencer were arriving, Justin's brother Jordan who had been at HUA for a few days fell ill and was rushed in as well. That made a total of six sick puppies receiving emergency care in Omaha. The entire isolation ward at the clinic was full with HUA pups. They all received round the clock care with intravenous fluids and antibiotics. Miraculously, all six puppies survived and are ready to be put up for adoption.

Sheldon and Spencer are a tad bit younger and smaller than the other pups. They are both pure lab, with the gorgeous eyes, soft coats and happy temperaments to prove it. Sheldon throughly enjoyed his photo session. He posed like a true professional, as if he knew these pictures would get him adopted if he behaved like to perfect gentleman. He is an adorable, curious, calm little boy who loves attention from people and romping about with his sister and his best buddies.
Buddy Messages (1)
His buddy, Jasey Johnson, from Bennington, Nebraska, sent him this message: "You are adorable Sheldon!!! I know someone will adopt you soon!!! I wish I could!!!" Sheldon sends Jasey many puppy kisses and thankful tail wags.

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