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Collie Mix
28 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Shelley was saved by another rescue organization who took her in but had no place to keep her. She was scared out of her wits, confused by everything, skinny, depressed and overwhelmed. When Shelley got to HUA, she knew she needed people to help her, but she would only allow one worker to even go near her. Anyone else was considered the enemy and Shelley would rear up in fright at the sight of a stranger. Her room-mate, Jangles, who is a friendly sort and really likes the humans, showed Shelley the ropes and her transformation has been considerable. She is still a little slow in warming up to men, but she does come around and she LOVES hanging with the girls. She is so pretty and such a gentle soul, but we've seen now that she is also a goofy player. Shelley and Jangles have so much fun with their toys and they play huge games of volleyball and tag together. Shelley also knows that walking on a leash is a fine art and she is a master at it. This brave girl is such a treasure and we are happy to present her to the public so that everyone can appreciate her beauty, grace, and renewed sense of happiness.
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