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Yorkie Poo
11 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Shiloh was brought to the pound by a nice person that found her wandering around looking lost and scared. The staff at the pound notified her family that she was there but they refused to pick her up. They couldn't be bothered with her. They didn't have time for a sweet, eleven pound, quiet, house broken little dog. If we move too quickly Shiloh ducks her head as if she's used to being hit. We are careful to approach her slowly so as not to scare her. But she loves people and bonds quickly. She is a smart little girl and learns things very easily. She understands that she is safe now and is taking advantage of all of the love that comes her way. She loves her comfy bed and keeps everything clean and orderly. She knows the bathroom is outside and never makes a mess. We are trying to put a pound or two on Shiloh as she is a bit skinny and she is enjoying the tasty meals here. Shi deserves to be loved and safe forever. She has experienced too much cruelty in her young life. We will make sure she has the best home ever and that her family will cherish her as much as all of us do.
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