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American Eskimo
28 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Nebraska.

Siku's story has broken many hearts at HUA. At the time of his arrival in December 2008, his nearly six years in a horrible Nebraska puppy mill had so completely destroyed his will to live that he had lost his will to walk. We'd take him out to a play yard, and he would just sit down, never losing that look of terrible sadness and hurt in his eyes. We soon found friends for him, and he is learning how to enjoy life! When he took his first steps of exploration, following Roosevelt around a play yard, it was a miracle to us, and we watched with tears in our eyes. He is now rooming with his two best Eskie friends, Roosevelt and Kennedy, and Siku's kisses, tail wags, and a new look in his eyes tell us that he is now a much happier boy. Now when we go out to the play yard, he will dig, run with his friends, explore; he has even chased a rabbit! And oh, does he love tummy rubs! In October 2010, Siku's debut lunchtime visit to the sunroom was a smashing success. Although a little nervous at first, he was a perfect gentleman to all the other dogs, he happily accepted his first table food from anybody who offered it, and he basked in all the petting and attention he was receiving, looking around with the cutest grin! We hope that this beautiful American Eskimo will find a special adopter who will give him the unconditional love and patience he needs to forget his hurts and finish blossoming. We think he is well on his way!
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