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Toy Fox Terrier
10 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha,Nebraska.

Bounce, Downy and Snuggle were rushed to the shelter in an emergency situation, having been discovered almost dead from hypothermia and dehydration. They arrived huddled together, shivering and whimpering, in a laundry basket piled with towels to help get them warm. Their people had taken their mama, moved out and left them behind at only 6 weeks of age, with no food or water. The utilities had been shut off and the pipes were frozen. They were perhaps only hours away from perishing. It took days of constant contact with humans and heating pads to get them to the point where we thought they'd survive. Becuase they were so young when they arrived, they remember nothing of their hellacious ordeal and are now happy, playful, loving, spoiled puppies who trip all over each other and everyone else. When they are let out to run in the long hallway, hilarious adventures ensue. They meet and greet the people, they tumble about, they run into walls, steal leashes, bounce on beds and bug the heck out of our resident greeter, Noah Boxer. They think that guy is the bees knees and Noah loves them like crazy. Bounce, Downy and Snuggles are puppies. They are just babies. They now know nothing but soft, warm hands, scrumptious food, cushy beds, hugs and kisses, toys and love and joy. They are exactly what all puppis should be.
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