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Yorkie Mix
6 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Florida.

Sophie was rescued by her neighbor, who after witnessing extremely rough behavior by kids in the home, talked the owner into giving her over. These children were throwing the poor thing against walls. They dropped her to the floor over and over for their own amusement. It was a disgusting and unbelievable situation, and Sophie did not escape unscathed. As a matter of fact, she suffered permanent brain damage due to the horrific tramua to her head. She is unsteady on her feet, has trouble turning sharp corners, and stumbles quite often when she tries to run. Sophie will have none of your pity, however. She is a survivor. She is intelligent. She is precious. She is friendly and happy and loving. She kisses and cuddles and loves all the grown-ups. She is afraid of young children, which is understandable after all that she has been through at the hands of heartless and careless ones whose parents never bothered to educate them. She snuggles in her bed when she is not on a lap, and curls up next to her furry buddies as if they are the best things that ever happened to her. She even kisses her dog friends as she is so ecstatic to have them in her life. Now and then, Sophie likes to offer up her opinion on the comings and goings of the place, and she has just the cutest little girlie-girl voice we've ever heard. She is such a treasure and we are proud to be loved by her. Sophie does not need any special medication and does not have any other medical problems. She is a brave old soul in a petite, fuzzy huggable little body.
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