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7 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This little beauty was brought to the shelter after her elderly owner passed away. Relatives had brought her to their home, but the other dog there picked on Sugar terribly. Clearly, she was not a favorite at that house since she arrived loaded with fleas, hairless in many spots and very skinny. However, Sugar lives up to her name by being the sweetest little animal. She loves all people and prances and dances around our feet for attention. She is brilliant and knows how to play all the angles. When we are in the sunporch having an afternoon meal, Sugar complains from the office, where she lives. Once she is brought in to share lunch, she is precious and ladylike. When we head back to work we know Sugar must come with us or we'll hear it all over again. She needs to be around people and does not stand for not being included. Sugar has made one specific request of her new family - she would like a box to sleep in. Yes, a box. Blankets inside the box would be appreciated, but please do not expect her to sleep in a plain old dog bed. She does not find those things comfy at all, and the empty boxes in the office just do the trick. We'll even throw a few in, free of charge, when she is adopted.
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