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Swoozy Featured

35 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Aurora, Colorado.

To know our Swoozy is to love our Swoozy. She is full of grins and giggles and good times. Although she came from a home that neglected her and did not treat her with kindness, Swoozy loves every person she meets. She is a sweetheart to all the other animals, including the cats. She does not have a grumpy side. She does not have anything but contentment and respect for the people who take care of her. Swoozy is so special that sometimes one of our workers brings her to her home for a slumber party. Reports are in that Swoozy has fabulous house mannners and cannot get over how fluffy and comfy that thing called a "bed" is. Her "bed" at the shelter is cozy as well, but Swoozy has discovered a thing called a "pillow" that humans have ON TOP of their beds. She thinks a "pillow" is the best invention in the world. She thinks a "pillow" should be given to every living creature. She is a huge fan of the "pillow." It goes without saying that Swoozy has only one adoption requirement. She promises to love everyone in the family equally, if only she can share someone's PILLOW.
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