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Italian Greyhound Mix
13 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Columbis, Nebraska.

Tazza was found in a town near the shelter hanging around a small business looking for some friends. For weeks the people that worked at the building greeted her every morning, shared their lunches with her, and bade her good-bye each evening. Tazza must have figured that this situation was the best she was going to find and was loving and devoted to the workers. Finally, when the weather began to turn frigid and the skies began to darken, one of her new friends brought Tazza to HUA in the hopes that we could find room for her in a space over-run with winter strays. Of course we could. And of course we did. Tazza fits in everywhere. She is an easy going, pretty girl with the amazing Italian Greyhound traits of grace and agility. She asks for attention politely and quietly. She is undemanding and appreciative. We do not like the fact that our Tazza was even for a day left alone to her own devices and we have promised her that she will forever be cared for, cherished, warm and safe.
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