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12 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Thea, our sweet little beauty with the most lovely coloring, was brought to HUA from another rescue in South Dakota. She was born in a puppy mill and survived long enough to finally be rescued before suffering from any major health problems. We are so grateful for this, as she is a gentle soul that eventually would have crumbled into despair at the neglect and abuse at the hands of the miller. Thea is a darling, harmless, precious little lady who goes with the flow and is happy just to be with us. She loves her routine, she loves the play yards, she loves her delicious food and soft blankets. She is grateful for every little thing. Thea needs reassurance that she is doing all the right things and we can see that she is afraid that if she is a bad girl she will sent back. We tell her NO WAY, Thea, you are here to stay until your family comes to get you. She may believe what we say, but she is not taking any chances. Thea is behaving so nicely and making sure that we know that she will always be a good girl. She really would like a chance to prove that to her family, and we know she'll get that chance very soon.
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