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Rat Terrier
12 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tiffy is the cutest of all little ladies. She is charming, well-behaved, smart and sweet-natured. She walks nicely on a leash, has impeccable manners and is completely housebroken. She was brought to the shelter by her person who decided to move in with someone who already had 2 dogs. So Tiffy had to go. Although very, very sad at this major upheaval, Tiffy has made the most of her stay here and loves having all these other dogs and people to play with. We ask her quite often to show some of the less polite dogs how to be good, how to listen, how to do what they are asked. She has put her mind to helping us out, but unfortunately she has too many to tame to make her mission a complete success. But she is trying her hardest and we very appreciate that. Tiffy is a dog who used to living in a home. She wants a family of her own so much, and we have assured her that we are going to find the perfect one for her.
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