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Scottie Mix
20 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

We tried oh so hard to get some pictures of Tipper NOT smiling because we wanted everyone to see her serious and stoic side, but our girl was having none of it. She simply can't help herself. There is way too much happiness in the world to pose looking all distinguished and stuffy. There are toys to chase, people to slurp, yards to run and other, wonderful dog friends to meet. Tipper transferred in to HUA from a shelter in Wyoming. They adored her and wanted her to have the best chance at finding a wonderful home. They have told us that she does not like cats, but really loves cows. Yes, this sounds strange, but Tipper thinks chasing down cattle should be an Olympic sport. We hear she'd win the gold, but we don't think we should give her the opportunity to prove it. Cows, as a general rule, do not enjoy being hunted down by stubby, hoppy critters with huge pointy ears and crazy, waggy tails. So, if you'd like a perfectly playful, young and energetic, well-behaved addition to your family, please apply! Tipper says NO to cats but YES to cows. We say NO to both.
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