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5 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Des Moines, Iowa.

Toby lived in a home for five years. He was very devoted to his people and loved them very much, but they decided they wanted to have a human baby and would no longer have time for their five pound dog. He was brought to the shelter on a sweltering hot day, 97 degrees, in a black hoodie sweatshirt. The people told us, "Oh! Toby loves his shirt!" as the poor, tiny creature stared at us, panting and looking miserable. As soon as they left, we took Toby's shirt off and lo and behold! We quickly realized why he was covered up. Toby had had such a horrible, allergic reaction to fleas that he had scratched nearly all of his fur off. His skin was hot to the touch. He looked so pathetic and so unsure of the situation that our hearts broke for him. We gave him a soothing, cool bath and filled him up with some delicious food and tossed that nasty hoodie right into the trash. His hair has begun to grow back so nicely and we have discovered that Toby is S-M-A-R-T as well as adorable. He lives in the office here at the shelter, partly because we love him and he entertains us, and partly because he thinks he has e-mails and faxes to monitor. He makes nice suggestions to us about how to run things. We have full blown conversations with him and he has no trouble understanding what we need him to do. He waits patiently for his supper and sits like a little gentleman as we prepare all the meals. He is friendly to other members of the canine office staff, even though THEY do not know how to answer the phone or type up newsletters. He loves our laps and smothers us with tiny kisses. He is a very special, very darling boy and we aim to make sure that his next home is his forever home, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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