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17 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Turner was turned in as a stray to the city pound. The staff there attempted to foster him but he wasn't like most other dogs. Turner was terrified of everything. They did not know what to do for him. They knew that HUA specializes in dogs who are traumatized and need time to heal their hearts so they brought him to us. Turner has made very good progress, but whatever happened to him must have been very bad and he has needed some time to recover. He used to turn in constant circles when he got nervous, which was much of the time. Shelties have such fragile spirits that it often takes them longer to recover and trust after they have been abused. Turner will never be a care-free, bouncy, silly dog but he is content and much more trusting now. He needs people who understand him and respect and admire his accomplishments thus far. He is a beautiful, sensitive boy who has worked so hard at mending his broken spirit and we are enormously proud of him for overcoming the worst all of circumstances, whatever they may have been.
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