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Miniature Schnauzer
21 lbs
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Homeward Bound

Now living happily in Omaha, NE

Tut was turned over to the shelter, along with his pals Jumper and Jamaica, by his owners who were not able to care for the pups. All three of them were an utter mess, caked with dirt and covered in matts. Lucky for us, they are also angels when it comes to grooming so we were able to whip them into shape quite easily. Tut was such a gentleman during his grooming session that he offered us his paw in thanks. Of course, we melted. Tut is a huge love. He adores people so much that any visitor gets his stumpy little tail wagging a hundred miles an hour. During recess, Tut has the hilarious habit of peering under the door of the cat room, rear-end up in the air and ears perked at attention. He'd stay that way for hours if we let him. To say he is perplexed by and fascinated with cats would be an understatement. Tut can be a little dominant with some other dogs, but he gets along with most and does share his quarters with another. Tut would adore to be part of an active family. He loves walks, loves attention, likes to be busy and a part of things all the time.
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