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8 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in McCool Junction, Nebraska.

Valma is a classic example of the horrors that puppy millers put their dogs through every day of their lives. This poor baby was a part of our large rescue in January. The volunteer that took her said, "Oh boy, we've got a super chubby girl here." It never occurred to us that a 9 year old chihuahua with a rotting mouth would be pregnant. But of course, she was, and luckily enough the miller either didn't know it or knew and realized she would need a c-section, which of course would cost money and hurt the bottom line. So, if there is truth to the fact that 1 year of human life equals 7 years of a dog's life, then Valma was a pregnant 63 year old. How disgusting. And how sad for her that her tiny body was once again going through a pregnancy and birth. She is a hero, though, and gave birth by c-section at the end of February. She had four beautiful babies and is a wonderful mommy. The runt of the litter, sadly, did not make it. The three remaining puppies are precious beyond words and Valma has done a perfect job fattening them up and teaching them the ropes. It will be a few weeks yet before Mama and babies can be adopted as Valma still has some work to do! After all that she has been through, Valma still loves people. She charms us with her army crawl-type funny little dance that tells us she wants love, but is too much of a lady to beg. If any dog ever deserved a warm, loving, safe home of her own, it's Valma. We hope her people come soon for her as we know she will be the most grateful little girl in the world.
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