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Scottish Deerhound
58 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Avon, CO.

Hearts United for Animals rescued 13 dogs from horrible conditions in Thurston County NE in January, 2013. They were living outdoors in piles of feces. They were starving, full of worms and dehydrated because their water dishes were too frozen to get a drink. The cages were made of makeshift wires and latches were bailing wire. The dogs, mainly staghounds, greyhounds and coonhounds, were being bred for hunting. Rick Herchenbach from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, the Thurston County Sheriff and the Thurston County Attorney all did a marvelous job of following up on complaints and worked very quickly to make sure the dogs were able to be rescued immediately. HUA rescuers worked to carry the dogs on ice, through dead carcasses of smaller animals to get them to warmth and safety in their travel crates in the HUA van. They were taken immediately to a veterinarian where they received thorough check-ups and wonderful care before arriving at the shelter.

All of these dogs, without exception, love people and are beyond sweet. For all that they lived in filthy little cages, they are clean dogs and know the bathroom is outside. The minute they had a yard, out they went. They love to run and play, and they are precious to people and one another. Because of their breeds, they must go to homes with tall fences and room to run. Additonally, given their natural instincts to hunt and chase, they can only be placed with families with no small dogs or cats.

Wayne is a heart melter. There is no better way to say it. He is so beautiful and unique looking, and his personality is just as lovely. As we watch him gracefully gallop across the yards we are struck by how much freedom actually means to Wayne. He revels in it. He cannot get enough of feeling the breeze blow through his feathery hair and sun shining down on his handsome face. Wayne is charming, playful and bubbly. He is doing very well with his leash training and is happiest when he has people all around, admiring him for his charisma and stunning beauty.
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