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Wendy Pearl

be my buddy
Born: 09/14/2008
9 lbs

Homeward bound-adopted!

Wendy Pearl is quite a miracle story. She was found by a feedlot worker in Kansas who called a friend of his that he knew rescues animals. He said he was pretty sure this little waif covered in burrs was in fact a dog and he knew she needed rescue fast. His friend came right over and took the little dog home. She was unable to stand up on her own for more than a few seconds, her head cocked to one side and she was very wobbly. It took her a very long time to even stand up and when she did she would fall over. Her new friend, Jan from Kansas, shaved her down, gave her a bath and took care of her while she searched for a place to take this dear girl in. Soon Miss Wendy Pearl was on her way to HUA. When she first arrived she did no better. We would help set her up and she would fall over, even rolling down a small hill outside the shelter. We were not sure what we could do for her, but after a consult we decided to try special exercises and glucosamine supplements. Each day that Wendy Pearl had her exercises and ran around with her pals she got better. With dedication from the staff at HUA soon we did not even recognize Wendy Pearl. She has turned into one of the fastest dogs in the place and has no trouble standing. Her head no longer cocks to the side and we would just not know there was ever a thing wrong with her. She plays and plays and plays with the other dogs, in fact she has quite a little personality and won't take no for an answer when it comes to play time! Wendy Pearl has been a favorite at the shelter. The volunteers love to hold and cuddle her and she soaks it all up and gives us grateful kisses. We will never know for sure what happened to Wendy Pearl, although we suspect poor nutrition, lack of exercise and bad breeding had much to do with it. We are just so grateful that this little girl is now happy, healthy, gorgeous and ready to be adopted. She is a very spunky, energetic, lively little girl who goes non-stop. We aren't sure of her age. She has adult teeth but she acts just like a puppy so we think she is very young, possibly even less than a year. She was given a birth date of one year old on the day she was found, but the vet who first looked at her thinks possibly younger, and so does the HUA vet. Wendy Pearl is learning to sit, shake and she is doing great with potty training. She is one very smart young lady!
Buddy Messages (1)
Her Buddy (and rescuer), Jan McNiece, from Cimarron, Kansas, sent her this message: "Your story is indeed a miracle. I personally know how close you came to a very different outcome. It fills my heart with such joy to see this miracle unfold. We miss you in Kansas. May you find the most loving home in the world!" Wendy Pearl sends Jan many grateful puppy hugs and kisses. She will always be so thankful for everything Jan did to save her life.

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