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Whispy Faye

Shih Tzu
10 lbs
Whispy Faye
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Whispy Faye was rescued from a South Dakota puppy mill where she spent eight years being bred over and over so that her puppies could be sold to pet stores. She never lost hope. She came through the awful experience still loving people and wanting to be loved. She is so grateful for everything she is given. She lays on her soft blankets enjoying every moment of her new found comforts, hoping that nobody will take them away. She wags her tail with delight when the humans come to pet her and show her love. She enjoys her play time in the yard with the other dogs and comes running with her tail wagging when recess is over knowing that she will get a special treat on top of her big dish of good nutritious food. Whispy is a beautiful girl both in looks and spirit. We know she would be so happy to have a home of her own and will be a world class snuggler. Whispy lost 10 teeth at her first vet visit and feels so much better now that she is able to eat without pain.
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