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8 lbs
Kayson was rescued from a Nebraska puppy mill where he suffered for 8 years, caged, lonely and ill. By the time Hearts United for Animals rescued him he was very sick. He has a bad heart condition, a collapsing trachea and had a cancerous lump removed from his side that did not have clean margins. Because of Kayson's collapsing trachea he cannot have a second surgery for the cancer at this time. He goes through bouts of struggling to breath but with several medications and rest he manages well most of the time. At one point Kayson lost use of all four limbs but did recover after a week in the animal hospital. He has also lost most of his teeth. Despite all of Kayson's problems he is a happy, bright little ray of sunshine who delights in everyone he meets. From the moment he was rescued he has danced and smiled constantly. He enjoys being rescued, loved and adored. He lives on the property at Hearts United for Animals with one of the caregivers. Although his days may be limited he is making the most of each one and his caregiver gives him all the love and attention his heart desires to help make up for all of his years of misery and neglect.
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