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9 lbs
Minette was rescued from a horrible puppy mill in Missouri where she spent the first 7 years of her life. She was so frightened that she would go stiff when touched by the humans. She was terrified to be picked up or held. Her past life of abuse at the mill was horrific. Slowly she began to trust those with whom she had contact on a daily basis. She would sit in the corner and observe her surroundings while laying on soft blankets and snuggling with her best friends. Eventually she would allow herself to be picked up and held by those she trusted most without being panic stricken.

Minette loves her freedom to be herself and bask in the companionship of the other dogs while interacting with the humans on her terms, at her own gradual comfort level. She is happy to be where the people allow her room to grow and thrive at her own pace. HUA is happy to provide care and love for this dear Sweetheart.
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