Kissy Kate

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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in La Vista, NE!

Kissy Kate is a victim of Hurricane Harvey. She was one of thousands of homeless dogs who found themselves in overcrowded shelters after the storms ravaged the areas in and around San Angelo, TX. Her name describes her best. Our Kate is a lovely girl who hasn't a mean bone in her body. She basks in human attention and greets strangers like she's known them for her entire life. She loves outdoor time and recess is super fun for her, but she is in her glory when she is with people. She is eager to please and has the most charming way of gazing into our eyes with love and devotion. Kissy Kate is a wonderful, loyal, precious girl who will adore being an important family member. Her gratitude will be never-ending.
Homeward Bound
44 lbs