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Buddy Messages (2)
Her buddy, Beth Grisius from Bethesda, MD, sent her this message:

"Dear Mabel,

So glad you made it out of the hurricane area to a wonderful place! You are so pretty & sweet looking with just the right touch of playfulness about you. We hope you get adopted soon! We have a great dog from HUA. He is 9 now! We were so happy to get him from HUA. He has been such a great addition to our family!

Hugs & Kisses, Beth Grisius from Bethesda, MD"

Mabel sends lots of puppy hugs and kisses to Beth and her HUA alum!
Her buddy, Merrick Lemke-Mohling from Lincoln, NE, sent her this message:

"Mabel, I heard you needed a buddy.I looked at some other dogs but I chose you!I looked at your information and you sound like a great dog.I hope my mom will buddy you the 29th of september.See you soon Sincerely,Merrick"

Mabel is so happy and grateful that Merrick chose her to be his special pal and sends big, sloppy puppy kisses to him!