HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Helen was brought to the shelter by her owner, who was in a dangerous place and needed for Helen and two other dogs to be protected in our Tia's Place program. Sadly, Helen's person was unable to recover well enough to bring her dogs home, and asked that we place them up for adoption to give them the best chance at a new life. Helen needed convincing that she was safe. She was very afraid of everything and did not trust anyone. Her caregiver, Rachel, worked very hard with these three dogs to let them know that we would not let anything bad happen to them. She took them on long walks and constantly assured them they that were in a good place with good people. As you can see from the photos, Helen listened well and quickly figured out that Rachel is the cat's meow. She does not yet love all of this and is still a bit fearful of new situations, but all she needs from her new family is a little patience and understanding. She needs to know she is safe and loved and she will become a very loyal and happy companion.
Homeward Bound
56 lbs