HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Shawnee, KS!

Known as The Princess by caregivers, volunteers and the other dogs in the sunporch, Cyrah is a Chihuahua through and through. Boy do we get a kick out of this little conversation piece. Every day brings a new story about Cyrah. She is a manipulator - you can tell by the looks on her face that she is about to make a statement. To be honest, she is an adorable little kiss up to people she knows and a holy terror to those she doesn't. Luckily, she gets to know people quickly so her behavior is more amusing than disturbing. Cyrah came to us from a person who was going into a retirement home and was not allowed to take her dogs with her. Sad situation, yes. What we were not so thrilled about was that the woman also had a dog that had not been spayed, which she turned over to a breeder. We were upset not to have been able to save that other little girl, so we dote extra on Cyrah. You have to love this little coniver - she is one of the most entertaining dogs we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. To top that off, she is beautiful and she knows it.
Homeward Bound
5 lbs