Emma is from a horrible, terrible, terrifying puppy mill in Nebraska. Other than losing a whopping 17 teeth during her dental exam, she is physically healthy. Emotionally, not so much. Her years in the mill affected her badly and she neither loves nor trusts humans. Why would she? Emma grew up starving, freezing, boiling, breeding. She has no reason to feel happiness or contentment. Our hearts break for Em and the millions of little dogs just like her, who have never known a kind word or a gentle touch. We are doing with her what we've done with all the others - loving her unconditionally, seeing to her every need, and giving her the space and time to understand that she is finally, and forever will be, safe. Emma desperately needs to go to her forever home as soon as she can. She needs her place in life. She needs her own people. She needs to know that the horror that has been her life thus far is gone, laid to rest, and that the best is yet to be.
Chihuahua Mix
9 lbs