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This lovely princess was brought to the shelter with 33 other dogs in the back of a pick up truck in the freezing rain. The puppy miller proved that day that these precious animals are nothing but possessions to the rotten people that breed them over and over and refuse to provide even the most basic care. Pointsettia is emotionally scarred from her time in the mill. She wants nothing to do with people. When we quietly approach her, she backs herself into the nearest corner to avoid human touch. It is a heartbreaking thing to see. She does love the company of the other little dogs and absolutely adores being outside in the fresh air. We know that Pointsettia can overcome her fear. It will take a kind and patient person to help her do this, and we pray that someone is willing to strengthen her spirit without expecting anything in return. When this precious soul is ready, Pointsettia will give her family a glimpse into the kind of dog she should have been all along, and it will be an incredibly beautiful experience.
8 lbs