Emily T

Emily T was in an overcrowded shelter in Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit. The devastation from the the storms forced dogs from their homes, and room in the shelters needed to be made for stray dogs who may have had an opportunity to be reunited with their families. Emily T is a mild mannered lady who is sweet, gentle, and very loving when it comes to people. She can be dominant over other dogs, so if her new home has other pups, it would be best that they were of the submissive sort. Emily T tells us that she after what she has been through she will not stand for others bossing her around. She is proud and strong and her own woman. A family to adore her is just what Emily T needs after her harrowing Hurricane experience.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF MINDA HAAS KUHLMANN - https://www.facebook.com/minda.haas
German Shepherd Mix
42 lbs