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Berlin comes from terrible beginnings. He was born on a farm where the dogs were allowed to reproduce over and over. Because they were given very little care by the farmer, only the fittest survived. The farmer passed away and his family refused to care for or even feed the dogs. Our main caregiver, John, drove to the farm and gathered up the remaining animals and arrived back home at HUA at 3:00 in the morning. Berlin and the others are shy and scared and do not even know how to be dogs. They are freaked out by the leash. They don't get that they can run free in the yards. Berlin is so frightened of our tile floors that we have to place a blanket down so that he will walk. When he gets to the end of the blanket, we must place another so that he can continue. It is heartbreaking, yet we are encouraged by his resilience. All of us agree that the dogs taken from this situation will become the most loyal and grateful family pets, as they are so very brave and crave love and acceptance more than anything.
Lab Mix
64 lbs