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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Evee Corgi is one special gal. She was brought to HUA by people who saved her after seeing her tumble out of a truck on a country road. Evee is OK, but that incident did leave her with a sore back for which she takes medication. Evee is a dog with a huge personality. What we've learned about her is that all is well as long as she gets to run the show. She loves rolling around in the grass and hopping in the yards. When she has had enough of that, we are blessed with lots of kisses, and are allowed to rub her belly to our hearts' content. She is so sweet and pretty that we want to fawn all over her, but Evee is independent so we wait for her inviitation. She has told us not to mess with her back end, so we don't. Evee is a funny, quirky girl who will bring lots of laughter to a family that can appreciate a dog determined to live life as she chooses.
Homeward Bound
25 lbs