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Is this feisty kid ever a favorite around here! Just the look in Axel's eyes is enough to say what a loyal, loving dog he is. He knows tricks, loves to play games, and loves to go for rides with people on any vehicle--trucks, Gators, golf carts. Axel is often seen riding around the shelter with the goofiest grin on his face. People swoon over him and he loves every second of it. Axel was brought to HUA from a small town by good people out to save his life because some individuals were talking about harming him. We have known him to have a lot of patience playing with an unmannerly young dog, but play with other dogs should be supervised as Axel is a powerful guy. He will be a perfect dog for people who will take pride in him and show him off to the world.

Some photos courtesy of Steve Andel Photography
Pitt Bull
66 lbs