HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

Pompey was rescued from an abandoned home. We were told she had been there for over a month. When she arrived at the shelter, staff immediately saw that there was a bad problem with her eyes, and it was difficult to determine whether she could see at all. A visit to the wonderful eye specialist in Omaha was planned for Pompey, and she got to take a road trip. It was revealed that her right eye is considered to be a micro-eye. It causes no pain but does not have vision. Her left eye has a loose lens but it is comfortable and visual. The good doctor wants Pompey to be monitored but surgery is not necessary at this time. Pompey is so charming that we keep her with us in the office for entertainment purposes. She follows us all around and if we leave she starts out on a search and rescue mission. She loves snuggling in the comfy beds spread around the floor, and her perfectly adorable pug snort is something we're now accustomed to hearing when this princess wants our attention. She adores the company of the other dogs, except at meal time, when things get serious. Pompey needs to be fed by herself. Except for that one tiny character flaw, this darling little pug girl is just about perfect in our eyes.
Homeward Bound
12 lbs